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Radio Online
Name or Organization name : Radio Shofar. Org
Description : 24 Horas continuas bendiciendo tu vida con musica y mensaje que tocan tu corazon.
En Radio Shofar......
Hackensack, New Jersey, United States
Available for Fellowship in Central New Jersey
Name or Organization name : Alan Horvath
Description : I have been studying the Bible, on my own, since I was a young boy. I have always sought fellowship ......
Milltown, New Jersey, United States
Montclair, New Jersey, United States
Quest for Truth
Name or Organization name : Heather Pavlic
Description : Roman Catholic by birth. Still looking for my truth.
Ringwood, New Jersey, United States
Name or Organization name : Ida Gresham
Newark, New Jersey, United States
Believer in YHWH and His Son Yahshua
Name or Organization name : Kathy Wisler
Description : I am a believer in YHWH and Yahshua my Saviour and King. I study the scriptures everyday and I would......
Jackson, New Jersey, United States
Seeking Truth!
Name or Organization name : D. Odom
Description : After years and years of prayong for needs to be met in my life in the false name of jesus, I began ......
Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
Name or Organization name : MARIA SMITH
Description : We, my family and I, have just came into the truth about YHWH being His name. How the Word has repla......
Browns mills, New Jersey, United States
Any YAHUSHUA believers in Union, NJ 07083
Name or Organization name : Rudy Moncada
Description : I believe in YAHUWAH and YAHUSHUA.

I speak Spanish too. I have been searching for believers i......
Union, New Jersey, United States
Listen to Gospel Music
Name or Organization name : PreachPastor.com
Description :

We are a new internet dedicated to spreading the......

Ewing, New Jersey, United States
The Narrow Path
Name or Organization name : Steve Torres
Description : My wife and I are searching for fellow believers in the one and only YHWH. I don't know how old the ......
Prospect Park, New Jersey, United States
Seeking fellowship with like minded believers
Name or Organization name : Kathy Wisler
Description : I am a believer in Yahshua Messiah. I believe all of scripture to be true and relevant to us today w......
Jackson, New Jersey, United States
Yahushua is our Savior
Name or Organization name : Glenn T. Griffith
Description : 27th August 2013, Tuesday Much grace to you in YAHUSHUA. My name is Glenn T Griffith. I......
Moorestown, New Jersey, United States
Husband and Wife seekings fellowship
Name or Organization name : Fernando and Stef Lastra
Description : We believe in Yahweh, Yahushua, and the entire Word of Elohim. We have two small daughters and we wo......
Newton, New Jersey, United States
Fellowship in Northern NJ
Name or Organization name : Yehoshua\'s Talmidim
Description : Torah observant believers in Yehoshua Messiah
Somerville, New Jersey, United States
Seekers of Yeshua
Browns Mills, New Jersey, United States
Name or Organization name : Sondra loggin
Description : I\'m a born again believer, and i trust in Yah, as my father. I no a lot about him, I\'m so greatful......
Highlandpark , New Jersey, United States
Looking for new church & fellowhip
Name or Organization name : Arby McDaniels
Description : I believe what this site says. I like finding chiastic structures in the old and new testaments.
Quinton, New Jersey, United States
Looking for a congregation

Description : Former SDA .
Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, United States
Travelling Fellowship
Name or Organization name : Big Daddy's House!
Description : We learn and we also can teach from both the Original writings and the new writings equally. We usua......
Bridgewater, New Jersey, United States
WHITING, New Jersey, United States
Looking to take my Teshuvah and repent.
Name or Organization name : Kevin Stewart
Description : Shalom, my name is Kevin Stewart Jr. currently residing in South Jersey I listen to your videos but ......
Pine Hill, New Jersey, United States

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