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Shalom to those who love Yahwah
Name or Organization name : Stan Presley
Description : Believers in Yahwah thru our redeemer Yahushua- desiring to walk in covenant with Yah and fellow bel......
Forsyth, Missouri, United States
Desire to establish fellowship in our area
Name or Organization name : Alan Cooper
Description : Originally baptist background, but Yahweh has been leading us away from Catholic pagan festivals and......
Bloomfield, Missouri, United States
Alan & Valerie Lee/Lightenup Ministries
Name or Organization name : Lightenup Ministries
Description : We are a Torah teaching group with a love for evangelism and bringing the light to the lost and dece......
Farmington, Missouri, United States
Name or Organization name : Lion of God Ministries
Description : May the grace and peace of Elohim be yours. We are a small ministry with a branch in Oak Grove, Miss......
Oak Grove, Missouri, United States
Community Minded
Name or Organization name : B'nai Y'sra'el
Description : Followers of Yahushuah, our Masiach. We live the Torah and keep with the lunar cycle of counting the......
Bucklin, Missouri, United States
2nd-shift worker seeking fellowship near Joplin MO
Name or Organization name : David.B
Description : Essentially, some of the audio-books from First Fruits of Zion (ffoz.org) hold merit, like:
Hope ......
Joplin, Missouri, United States
Bruce A. Wachter
Name or Organization name : Bruce A. Wachter
Description : I am a repenting 'Christian' deeply interested in walking out my faith in Yahushua, obeying His comm......
Granby, Missouri, United States
Kansas city, Missouri, United States
Name or Organization name : Jessica
Description : I strive to be an observer of the Torah and call upon the name of Yahweh our Father in heaven and Hi......
Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Followers Of Yahweh & Yahshua Who Keep The Sabbath
Name or Organization name : Les Austin & Family
Description : We know Yahweh wrote the commandments with his finger. We know that the Bible runs in pairs. We foll......
Jefferson City, Missouri, United States
Join us for Torah Study
Name or Organization name : Fellowship
Description : Holding meetings at my place on Shabbat for a fellowship/meal sharing/Torah study time. Contact for ......
Mountain View, Missouri, United States
Seeking Truth
Name or Organization name : Colin
Description : Searching for truth
Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
Kahal Yahweh
Name or Organization name : Kahal Yahweh
Description :
Kahal YAHWEH Kereb YahwehShua

Bringing the Glad Tidings of Yahweh's Love and Mercy in Yah......
Wentzville, Missouri, United States
New Disciple Seeking fellowship
Name or Organization name : Darrell Ackerson
Description : new disciple am a child in my understanding and seeking to grow in my understanding of Yawweh and hi......
Joplin, Missouri, United States
Moving to Missouri
Name or Organization name : Dan & Sharyl Traylor
Description : Background in Hebrew roots, teachings from Brad Scott, Rico Cortez, Ed Chumney, Mark Biltz, Mordecai......
Florissant, Missouri, United States
May Messiyah bless you
Name or Organization name : David Monnig
Description : I read and understand the scriptures but cannot remember them
St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Kansas City, Missouri, United States
Name or Organization name : John Marlow
Description : I have been a believer for many years.I always felt something was missing from the teaching i was he......
Dittmer, Missouri, United States
Join Us For Worship!
Name or Organization name : Yahweh's Restoration Ministry
Description : 1. Foundation in the Old Testament

We in Yahweh’s Restoration Ministry affirm that the Old ......
Holts Summit, Missouri, United States
Waiting for the Elohim
Name or Organization name : Bertha shannon
Description : I am married with two children. I live in Kansas City, Mo. I have believed since the age of 10. But ......
Kansas city, Missouri, United States
Tom Martincic & Family Near Springfield, Missouri
Name or Organization name : EliYah
Description : Scripture understandings found on this web site.

Please do not contact me thro......

Ava, Missouri, United States
New Assembly in the area
Name or Organization name : Natzarim Yahshua Family Fellowship
Description : We are a home based assembly. We are Torah Observant, Hebraic roots who are followers of our most gr......
Willow Springs, Missouri, United States
Neosho, Missouri, United States
Believer's in Torah
Name or Organization name : Debra Farrar
Joplin, Missouri, United States
Seeking Fellowship with True Believers
Name or Organization name : Tiffany
Description : Previously a Christian, I \
Peculiar, Missouri, United States

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