Importance of using the name Yahweh

The following is an outline of the hundreds of scriptures that show the importance of Yahweh's name. 
Although His name may not seem important to most, by the time you are finished reading these scriptures, 
there shouldn't be the slightest doubt in your mind that Yahweh's name is very important to Him. 
So shouldn't it be important to us?

Definition of the word "name" in scripture

Yahweh's name designates Yahweh Himself

Yahweh's Name is the greatest Name

Yahweh's Name reveals His true nature

Yahweh's Name signifies His presence

Yahweh's Name represents His power and authority

Yahweh's Name identifies His people

Yahweh's people respond to His Name

Yahweh's name relates to Yahushua's name

Reading the verses in context is strongly recommended to grasp the full meaning of the text

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